Our Philosophy

《All for a patient》

Basic Principles

Our hospital was founded in 1982 as the first Japanese hospital specialized especially for intractable neurologic disease. We continue medical care under two basic principles.
First, to offer accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, close support, medical care, and welfare service.
To achieve this we have to place the patient in the center of care and keep a close relationship with the doctor, nurse, laboratory technician, pharmacist, general affairs staff, rehabilitation staff, dietitian, medical welfare staff, home healthcare staff, community health care staff, and so on.
The most important requirement when running such a big team is to show consideration and gentleness for each other. We also believe that mutual respect and trust between the medical team and patients, lead to satisfactory medical care. We must keep in mind that both the patient and his/her family feel especially uneasy concerning the difficulty of this kind of disease. Therefore a solid relationship with them is imperative.
Second, to study the cause of Neurological disease and possible cures for it. We seek to discover new knowledge about Neurological disease from clinical medicine and develop treatments and cures as a specialized medical institution with sincere effort.
These two basic principles are for further progression of Neurological medical care, for improving clinical medicine and for supporting the patient.


We aim to contribute to curing intractable neurologic disease in the Hokkaido area. To achieve this goal we are keeping close relationships with each other and having awareness as a professional. We also support the patient, work positively, and confront any disease without yield.

Action standard

We act according to the five value standards below to achieve our philosophy.

Never give up: We never give up to cure intractable neurologic disease

Trust: We build a positive relationships so that the patient is comfortable receiving medical care from us.

Cooperation: We cooperate with each other regardless of the job or occasion and put our best effort.

Communication: We value the contact of the heart with all people to walk together.

Enterprise: We work hard at technical improvement, enterprise every day in order to raise medical quality and the patient’s QOL.


Department neurology(105) , rehabilitation
Consultation hour [admission] 8:30-11:30 , 12:30-15:30
[medical examinatoin] 9:00-12:00 , 13:00-17:00
Visiting hours 13:00-20:00